Calling All Renegades

Amy Jo Martin

Asking forgiveness instead of permission and coloring outside the lines isn’t for everyone; being a renegade can be tricky at times. Allow me to introduce the “Renegade Rescue Line”, my new approach to fighting off those innovation allergies.

Are you an ‘intra-preneur’ within a company that doesn’t truly “get” social media or won’t even give it a legit chance? Are you about to enter a boardroom full of healthy tension, centric to the topic of social media, and have no idea what to say? Have no fear, the Renegade Rescue Line is here. I don’t care what the situation is, whether it be personal or professional. Throw me on speaker phone in the middle of your meeting, or ask me advice on how to start a company, get a job or score a date using social media. I’ve had many years of experience in navigating through conversations with social media non-believers. Together, we’ve got this. And, we’ll connect, renegade to renegade.

Call 702-706-5750 and tell me all about your situation. I help you out and send you an advance electronic copy of my new book, Renegades Write the Rules. I look forward to rescuing you. Call me.